July 2018 Crypto Survey Results

Conducted by Triad Securities Corp. and DataTrek Research, LLC
If you have questions please contact survey@triadsecurites.com

Participants: 216

What sort of company do you work for?
Institutional Buy Side (Mutual/Pension/Hedge Fund, Family Office)   24.54%
Registered Investment Advisor/Wealth Manager   17.13%
Brokerage Firm   12.04%
Service Provider   11.57%
other   34.72%
In your opinion, what might cause cryptocurrencies to stabilize in the second half of 2018 (Choose one or two)
More aggressive regulatory actions against fraudulent crypto offerings   19.44%
US regulatory approval of an institutional-grade custody solution   51.85%
Greater merchant adoption of bitcoin/other cryptos   26.85%
Growing global macroeconomic developments that cause investor concerns regarding traditional assets   17.13%
I don't see any probable event that would stabilize prices   21.30%
Have you ever bought bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, participated in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Securities Token Offering (STO), or looked at such opportunities?
Yes, I have   47.69%
No, but I have looked at them   34.26%
No, and I have not looked at them   18.06%
What do you think is the most appropriate valuation approach when considering the price of bitcoin or other large cryptocurrencies?
Compared to the value of gold or other precious metals held globally for investment purposes   9.26%
Compared to physical cash outstanding (i.e. $100 bills, high denomination euro notes)   7.87%
Global per capita penetration/usage   15.28%
Other quantifiable measure of comparable value   15.28%
Valuation is purely a function of crowd psychology   52.31%
What are the biggest issues preventing crypto assets from becoming mainstream investment products? (Choose one or two)
Regulated custody solutions   44.91%
Institutional levels of daily liquidity   23.61%
Regulated exchanges   27.31%
Greater issuer transparency   31.94%
A US listed exchange traded fund   12.50%
Don't know/no opinion   10.65%
Thinking now about just custody, how important is it to you that such solutions be regulated by a government or other established entity?
Very   53.24%
Somewhat   33.80%
Not at all   12.96%
Do you think that traditional participants (exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ and bulge bracket firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley) will eventually dominate crypto asset markets?
Yes   25.93%
No   27.31%
Maybe   36.11%
Don't know/no opinion   10.65%
Will a cryptocurrency ever become a global reserve asset?
Yes, bitcoin   11.11%
Yes, but not necessarily bitcoin   33.33%
Yes, a "Fed coin" or other central bank-sponsored virtual currency   17.59%
No   37.96%
A crypto currency will be an everyday payment option similar to credit/debit cards or cash:
In the next 2 years   11.57%
Within 2 and 5 years   34.26%
WIthin 5 to 10 years   28.24%
In greater than 10 years   16.20%
Never   9.72%
The REBEL Tokens (Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin(s), EOS, Litecoin) account for over 75% of the value of all cryptocurrencies. How will this develop in the next 3-5 years?
The relative dominance of these tokens will decline, but they will remain the largest part of the crypto universe   33.33%
Other tokens will break into the top 5, displacing one or more of the "REBELs"   43.06%
It doesn't really matter - I don't see a future for cryptocurrencies   11.57%
Don't know/no opinion   12.04%
Where do you see bitcoin ending the year?
Below $1,000   3.24%
Between $1,000 and $5,000   26.39%
Right around current levels ($5,000 to $7,000)   25.46%
Between $7,000 and $10,000   26.85%
Over $10,000   18.06%

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